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Welcome to my blog you can check me out and you were all over the Internet. Then you can find many foreign favorite photographs in the past six years. I’ve had the pleasure of documenting so many beautiful bride handsome groom’s amazing details.

It has been and continues to be an honor. I really need to move to Hawaii my hometown and I’m working on making my site the premier site in the Oahu area. The business has such a great success in Hawaii and I’m looking for the same kind of amazing clients and business here on this island. Please give me a call for you or whatever needs.

This is the place to be to see all the new things happening in studio of photographs fencing siding items can be found here we can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram

My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend Megan got married to her boyfriend of 10 years Tom at Megan’s family church. It was a wonderful experience. Then after the wedding which was a beautiful ceremony, they had a fabulous and fun reception banquet facility located in the town hall. It was such a beautiful location, that you would never imagine that they were able to get this place for free. That’s right, free! They didn’t spend a single dime on renting this banquet hall after the wedding ceremony because Tom’s father was good friends with the building owner. It’s good to have friends in high places!

Megan found me a few years back when I was promoting different local businesses in Southern California. She was the marketing director of a large moving company and she did some research and found my consultation services and wondered if I would be a good fit for them in their sales team. They ended up not hiring me but I still made a great connection with her and during the time we spent having our discussions about business and life, she learned that I was a size part time wedding photographer, and I learned that her beau had recently popped the question.

It was too early for her to start looking at wedding photographers, but she kept me in mind in the months later. One day as I was having one of the worst days in my month, ( I reset every new Moon) she hired me to take photos at her wedding! She even paid for my flight on Jetblue from Hawaii to Colorado. I spent a really nice day with the wedding couple, their families and their close friends that they have a really universal and amazing bond with. I rarely work with nicer people and for that reason alone, it was my pleasure and honor to odcument their wedding day.

I wasn’t the only photographer there and I was not the only person in attendance who ran their own company. I ran into John Jones of JJ DJ who provided amazing music throughout the night and also MC throughout the evening. The food was provided by a fablous catering company whose name I forgot, but their salmon croquetttes were amazing. In interest of keeping the event fun for all ages, in the theme of family and unity, they hired a local bounce house company. Imagine this, there were two bounce houses for kids, and one large one for adults. What a sight to see with a bunch of grown men in designer suits and jumping around and roughhousing. The combination of an open bar, good music, good food, and plenty of fun activities made for an amazing event.

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