Should I Get Married Pt.2

In my last post, I covered a few of the most commonly asked questions that people should consider if they are thinking about getting married. Please keep in mind, that between these two posts, by no way am I saying that this list of questions is all there is to think about. Think of these entries as a starting point to get you to look at yourself, your lover, and whether or not your relationship has a strong enough foundation to start a life with someone. Or, it could serve as a generic checklist to look at parts of your relationship that need attention with the intention to improve them to the point where you and your significant other are more confident about the idea of matrimony.

Would you both like to have children?

In the event that you need to have children sometime in the not so distant future, and your accomplice does not have any desire to have any children, you both need to take a seat and examine in the case of pushing ahead with your marriage designs the best thing for both of you. There is some unwritten society myth in America that looks at women over 30 as pariahs if they haven’t settled down and started a family by that time. It’s kind of ridiculous, and women end up listening to society more than their actual biological clocks. Don’t rush if you aren’t ready. Raising children can sometimes put a strain on a relationship, and if you and your lover aren’t ready, it’s best to hold off.

Would you like to share your funds together or have separate records?

Cash issues is one of the notable reasons why hitched couples get separated. With money being the answer to most problems, and the biggest problem causer, it’s no reason why most people get married and divorced over finances.  Consequently guarantee you are in agreement with regards to your funds. Imagine a scenario in which in the wake of experiencing these inquiries, you go ahead and get hitched, and your marriage closes in a separation. Life is capricious, along these lines utilize these inquiries as a guide when choosing to get hitched.

On the off chance that this individual was crippled would you need to spend whatever remains of my existence with him/her?

It says it it most wedding vows. Are you really ready to stick by this person in sickness and health? In poverty and wealth? Be honest with yourself. What if you had to devote all of your time to take care of a person in a wheelchair after just a few months of marriage? I ask this question because it happened to someone I know. Poor guy, his wife left him within weeks of a car accident that left him as a paraplegic. This inquiry isn’t one we as a whole anticipate replying. You could be strolling and bopping around with the two legs today, yet be without your legs tomorrow from a nasty fender bender that can happen in the blink of an eye. Would you be able to help, and be there always with your future life partner if something like this occurs?

It is safe to say that you are prepared to put this persons needs over your own?

In marriage, you both need to give a little and take a little, particularly amid the initial or newlywed phases of your marriage. Take it easy and get to know each other. Feel each other out and compromise and be honest about where you stand on certain points. You will experience a few changes that will require putting your companions needs over your needs. Is it true that you are prepared for that? It’s not easy to think about it because love can blind us, and hide things from us that are sitting in plain sight the entire time. Truly, you may need to quit thinking about purchasing tickets to your fantasy concert or vacation destination to get real and invest in real estate or other appreciating assets. You may find that your spouse has other financial obligations that take precedent over your own.

Are you are pleased with your lover?

Are you at the point when you have seen that your bride/ groom is operating at their highest level? Do you brag about your lover to your friends and family, or do you find yourself making excuses for their shortcomings, socially, romantically, or otherwise? You want to be with someone that makes you proud to call them your own. Not only does this motivate partners to work hard to maintain the positivity of the relationship, but for your own well being as well. Studies have shown that couples who are happy with their significant other, even if there are issues within the relationship, are less likely to let outside influences and opinions affect decisions that are made about the direction of the union.

Do you share comparative long haul, way of life, family, marriage, and life objectives?

Envision wedding somebody who likes to travel a half year out of the year, but you hate leaving the house let alone your city, state or country. What if you like to drink and party, but he likes to stay home and read on weekends? Hopefully you have already worked all of that out during your courtship. Does this person have what it takes to put priorities about your new life together in front of the traits and patterns of a single person, or when you were just dating? Imagine a scenario in which you hate watching sports and he/she bleeds Dodger blue? Do you even know what you need throughout everyday life, for a vocation, family, and so forth? By wedding somebody, you are consenting to enable them to have a satisfying life, and ought to be keen on things they like. You will unquestionably have a few contrasts yet let your disparities compliment one another.

Do you have what it takes to be a team player?

Being married is a ow way street. You will have to give the lifestyle you led before where it was all about you. You had to live as an independent adult for as long as you have, and now you will to make concessions to be an effective team player. Let’s say that you do not get along, over small issues, it’s best not to take the relationship to the next level. There are a lot of things that you won’t notice in the beginning that are going to come up later when the real person that you are with gets comfortable and stops inhibiting themselves. It’s about finding solutions that work to make life better for each other. If you are not prepared to focus on your spouses happiness before your own, marriage may not be the best route for you to take until you can truly answer that question in the affirmative. It takes two to tango.

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