Local Plumbers Find Wedding Rings

It is a well-known fact that one of the most stressful events in our lives is a wedding. No just the wedding itself, but the actual planning, rehearsals, and everything leading up to the moment before you say, “I DO.” I have collected a series of stories from all over the web that talk goes over their wedding nightmares.

One of the most common stories, that I didn’t think was so common, was that amount of brides who lose their wedding rings before the wedding. One would think that it would be a disaster with the wedding cake, or something else, but in fact, women who are about to tie the knot are very nervous, and in some cases, the excitement of new jewelry can cause some new brides to lose their heads along with their rings.

I decided to focus on some incidences that show examples of how wedding ring blunders required the use of a plumber to get them back. Some of these stories go back as far as 10 years! One of the stories talks about a woman who lost her ring down the drain, and it took an inspection from a plumber to discover its location over a decade later.

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Plumber Finds Wedding Ring in Sewer

A standard plumbing visit in California led to the relocation of lost wedding ring and reunited a woman with her wedding ring. When Craig Robinson called a plumber for toilet repair, he didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary to take place. This was no regular plumbing repair because as soon as the plumber started to work, he came across something extraordinarily special, Robinson’s daughter’s wedding ring.

The irony is that his daughter Leah Douglas, lost it more than three years ago while getting her hair and makeup done in preparation for her best friends wedding. According to the story, “Leah was getting ready to go, but she was already running late. The people who were going to do her makeup showed up right after she put on her dress and I guess she put her engagement ring and wedding ring on the counter near the sink, and the rest…” is history.

The plumber, Joe Jackson said, “Craig was excited. And I was happy for him. I’ve been doing their plumbing for over 15 years, so I have watched his kids grow almost alongside my own. He played a pretty cool prank and her and called to tell her that I had found them and was listing the rings on E-Bay, she didn’t believe it.”

The diamond ring was a big deal; 100% custom-made wedding band, made of diamonds, emeralds, and platinum, designed and constructed by a family friend who specializes in custom jewelry.

Plumber finds a ring in a garbage disposal and returns it to 80 year old grandmother

Matt is a plumber who runs Long Beach Plumbing Services in Long Beach, CA. He was called out to inspect and repair garbage disposal at the house of the Valdez family. The caller said that he noticed that the garbage disposal stopped working recently since his relatives had been visiting in preparation for his cousins’ wedding.

Matt performed his routing checks and employed the use of a telescopic camera to see down the pipes and drains of the plumbing system. He noticed something blocking the pathway but also noticed that it was sparkling more than anything he had seen before.

Upon further investigation, Matt made the decision to convince Mr. Valdez that it was best to cut the pipe and then replace the garbage disposal. That’s when he discovered a stunning wedding ring that Martha Valdez, the grandmother recalled losing in that house over 10 years ago.

Because of advances in technology, and experience from a reputable plumber, they found her wedding ring, which was still in good condition considering the circumstances, this ring was stuck in a drain for over a decade.

These are just a few stories of how plumbers have used their tools and charm to save wedding rings, and the wedding from total disaster. Be sure to check out future posts on how wedding disasters have actually created a memory that married couples have learned to embrace.

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