How Hot Tubs Keeps Marriages Alive

Women Love Spas

Just like any other woman out there, I love to be pampered. I don’t make it a secret. What I really love is spending at least an hour or two getting a back rub. And not just any back rub, I love a deep tissue massage that almost hurts. I wasn’t always this way. It took me a while to accept the fact that I am getting old, and that my aching joints and bones could not be reached externally. That would take an entire diet change. But, I could at least get an external relief with a few glasses of wine, and a massage therapist who knew exactly where to apply the most pressure.

That’s why I always accept an invitation to every bachelorette party that features time at a day spa. I am a simple girl. I don’t need red carpet treatment at a top level resort. A dream experience is more like a hostel in Thailand, or a hotel in Las Vegas with a whirlpool tub in the bathroom. My boyfriend and I are pretty active, not health nuts, but we never eat fast food, ever. Going to the gym something I was consistent with at home— but was the last thing on my mind when I was on the road. Whatever.

Here is a super hack that I have used to keep the romance alive when you don’t feel your sexiest, but want to rely on a third party. Get your mind out of the gutter, I was talking about how sexy a day spa, sauna treatment, or even investing in a hot tub could be. There are so many possibilities with a hot tub therapeutically, but what about the potential romantically?

Communication Is Key

Communication is essential in any relationship, and it’s critical to maintaining an uber loving, easy going marriage. Well, having a hot tub gives you and your partner a chill environment that allows you guys to loosen up and share honestly. Talk about your day, or your past, or your future, and do it all while letting the toxins of the stress melt away. Spouses can learn a lot about each other while hearing their people talk about all kinds of stuff that they normally might not share. It’s better to be in the nude, where true vulnerability is exhibited.

The water is a funky, and wild place to spill the beans. Don’t pull the beans out the can just yet, enjoy yourselves. What better way than to tap into the secret areas of each other that normally go unseen, but your privilege as a lover gives you behind the scenes access into insights that are reserved for building trust between couples.

Become Splash Buddies

You need your life partner to be your closest companion, your best friends, your true confidantes, and co-defendant in court if it really comes to that. Best case scenario, you will raise a family together. And it will be you and your wife doing it all alone, with each other’s best interest in mind. Don’t be greedy. Get a hot tub and share it all. Be each other’s rock, and rock each other’s world. I took it there, that was old school. If you got that reference, then you are old school too. Time in the hot tub can improve a lot in your love life, and a healthy life. Which may lead to a better love life. You get it. What you do, how you do it when you do it all makes an impact. Think of all the ways you could connect before kids come into the picture. Think of how cool it will be to keep that as your “thing” for all of the days that you are together.

Kids Or Not, A Hot Tub Is Hot

That is an affordable and private way to keep that honeymoon feeling all year round, even ten years into your marriage. Making a point to go in the hot tub with your spouse or lover, keeps the flames of love full of oxygen, which is what it takes to keep a fire ablaze. “My husband started it is a joke when we were bathing our children in different bathrooms. He suggested that we get our own tub to bath and play in. I think it saved our marriage,” says Linda McCormick from Costa Mesa, California.

After they tied the knot, they moved a couple of times, moved from an apartment to a condo, rented that condo out, and ended up buying a big house in the hills of Orange County. One of the nicer houses on the block too. Paid for in full, cash. But, it wasn’t always easy. Her hubby was broke and defaulted on student loans while taking a risk to invest in a software development company. Everyone told her she was crazy when she started shopping for patio furniture when they got their first condo, but she knew something that none of us did. There is a power of love in a hot tub.

More Than Romance, It’s An Investment

It’s funny how the reason that Tom and Sarah got a hot tub was that they wanted to use it as motivation to save up for a house, where they could install a full sized pool, with a hot tub to the side, and maybe a large barbeque grill. Who knows? They had their hearts set on a goal, and using their hot tub as a way to relax, and think clearly, led them to achieve the results that surpassed where they could have imagined.

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