Local Plumbers Find Wedding Rings

It is a well-known fact that one of the most stressful events in our lives is a wedding. No just the wedding itself, but the actual planning, rehearsals, and everything leading up to the moment before you say, “I DO.” I have collected a series of stories from all over the web that talk goes over their wedding nightmares.

One of the most common stories, that I didn’t think was so common, was that amount of brides who lose their wedding rings before the wedding. One would think that it would be a disaster with the wedding cake, or something else, but in fact, women who are about to tie the knot are very nervous, and in some cases, the excitement of new jewelry can cause some new brides to lose their heads along with their rings.

I decided to focus on some incidences that show examples of how wedding ring blunders required the use of a plumber to get them back. Some of these stories go back as far as 10 years! One of the stories talks about a woman who lost her ring down the drain, and it took an inspection from a plumber to discover its location over a decade later.

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Plumber Finds Wedding Ring in Sewer

A standard plumbing visit in California led to the relocation of lost wedding ring and reunited a woman with her wedding ring. When Craig Robinson called a plumber for toilet repair, he didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary to take place. This was no regular plumbing repair because as soon as the plumber started to work, he came across something extraordinarily special, Robinson’s daughter’s wedding ring.

The irony is that his daughter Leah Douglas, lost it more than three years ago while getting her hair and makeup done in preparation for her best friends wedding. According to the story, “Leah was getting ready to go, but she was already running late. The people who were going to do her makeup showed up right after she put on her dress and I guess she put her engagement ring and wedding ring on the counter near the sink, and the rest…” is history.

The plumber, Joe Jackson said, “Craig was excited. And I was happy for him. I’ve been doing their plumbing for over 15 years, so I have watched his kids grow almost alongside my own. He played a pretty cool prank and her and called to tell her that I had found them and was listing the rings on E-Bay, she didn’t believe it.”

The diamond ring was a big deal; 100% custom-made wedding band, made of diamonds, emeralds, and platinum, designed and constructed by a family friend who specializes in custom jewelry.

Plumber finds a ring in a garbage disposal and returns it to 80 year old grandmother

Matt is a plumber who runs Long Beach Plumbing Services in Long Beach, CA. He was called out to inspect and repair garbage disposal at the house of the Valdez family. The caller said that he noticed that the garbage disposal stopped working recently since his relatives had been visiting in preparation for his cousins’ wedding.

Matt performed his routing checks and employed the use of a telescopic camera to see down the pipes and drains of the plumbing system. He noticed something blocking the pathway but also noticed that it was sparkling more than anything he had seen before.

Upon further investigation, Matt made the decision to convince Mr. Valdez that it was best to cut the pipe and then replace the garbage disposal. That’s when he discovered a stunning wedding ring that Martha Valdez, the grandmother recalled losing in that house over 10 years ago.

Because of advances in technology, and experience from a reputable plumber, they found her wedding ring, which was still in good condition considering the circumstances, this ring was stuck in a drain for over a decade.

These are just a few stories of how plumbers have used their tools and charm to save wedding rings, and the wedding from total disaster. Be sure to check out future posts on how wedding disasters have actually created a memory that married couples have learned to embrace.

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How Hot Tubs Keeps Marriages Alive

Women Love Spas

Just like any other woman out there, I love to be pampered. I don’t make it a secret. What I really love is spending at least an hour or two getting a back rub. And not just any back rub, I love a deep tissue massage that almost hurts. I wasn’t always this way. It took me a while to accept the fact that I am getting old, and that my aching joints and bones could not be reached externally. That would take an entire diet change. But, I could at least get an external relief with a few glasses of wine, and a massage therapist who knew exactly where to apply the most pressure.

That’s why I always accept an invitation to every bachelorette party that features time at a day spa. I am a simple girl. I don’t need red carpet treatment at a top level resort. A dream experience is more like a hostel in Thailand, or a hotel in Las Vegas with a whirlpool tub in the bathroom. My boyfriend and I are pretty active, not health nuts, but we never eat fast food, ever. Going to the gym something I was consistent with at home— but was the last thing on my mind when I was on the road. Whatever.

Here is a super hack that I have used to keep the romance alive when you don’t feel your sexiest, but want to rely on a third party. Get your mind out of the gutter, I was talking about how sexy a day spa, sauna treatment, or even investing in a hot tub could be. It made me think about moving a hot tub to my own house, but I don’t have the room. Missing out on so many health benefits? That remains to be seen. There are so many possibilities with a hot tub therapeutically, but what about the potential romantically?

Communication Is Key

Communication is essential in any relationship, and it’s critical to maintaining an uber loving, easy going marriage. Well, having a hot tub gives you and your partner a chill environment that allows you guys to loosen up and share honestly. Talk about your day, or your past, or your future, and do it all while letting the toxins of the stress melt away. Spouses can learn a lot about each other while hearing their people talk about all kinds of stuff that they normally might not share. It’s better to be in the nude, where true vulnerability is exhibited.

The water is a funky, and wild place to spill the beans. Don’t pull the beans out the can just yet, enjoy yourselves. What better way than to tap into the secret areas of each other that normally go unseen, but your privilege as a lover gives you behind the scenes access into insights that are reserved for building trust between couples.

Become Splash Buddies

You need your life partner to be your closest companion, your best friends, your true confidantes, and co-defendant in court if it really comes to that. Best case scenario, you will raise a family together. And it will be you and your wife doing it all alone, with each other’s best interest in mind. Don’t be greedy. Get a hot tub and share it all. Be each other’s rock, and rock each other’s world. I took it there, that was old school. If you got that reference, then you are old school too. Time in the hot tub can improve a lot in your love life, and a healthy life. Which may lead to better love life. You get it. What you do, how you do it when you do it all makes an impact. Think of all the ways you could connect before kids come into the picture. Think of how cool it will be to keep that as your “thing” for all of the days that you are together.

Kids Or Not, A Hot Tub Is Hot

That is an affordable and private way to keep that honeymoon feeling all year round, even ten years into your marriage. Making a point to go in the hot tub with your spouse or lover, keeps the flames of love full of oxygen, which is what it takes to keep a fire ablaze. “My husband started it is a joke when we were bathing our children in different bathrooms. He suggested that we get our own tub to bath and play in. I think it saved our marriage,” says Linda McCormick from Costa Mesa, California.

After they tied the knot, they moved a couple of times, moved from an apartment to a condo, rented that condo out, and ended up buying a big house in the hills of Orange County. One of the nicer houses on the block too. Paid for in full, cash. But, it wasn’t always easy. Her hubby was broke and defaulted on student loans while taking a risk to invest in a software development company. Everyone told her she was crazy when she started shopping for patio furniture when they got their first condo, but she knew something that none of us did. There is a power of love in a hot tub.

More Than Romance, It’s An Investment

It’s funny how the reason that Tom and Sarah got a hot tub was that they wanted to use it as motivation to save up for a house, where they could install a full sized pool, with a hot tub to the side, and maybe a large barbeque grill. Who knows? They had their hearts set on a goal, and using their hot tub as a way to relax, and think clearly, led them to achieve the results that surpassed where they could have imagined.

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Should I Get Married Pt.2

In my last post, I covered a few of the most commonly asked questions that people should consider if they are thinking about getting married. Please keep in mind, that between these two posts, by no way am I saying that this list of questions is all there is to think about. Think of these entries as a starting point to get you to look at yourself, your lover, and whether or not your relationship has a strong enough foundation to start a life with someone. Or, it could serve as a generic checklist to look at parts of your relationship that need attention with the intention to improve them to the point where you and your significant other are more confident about the idea of matrimony.

Would you both like to have children?

In the event that you need to have children sometime in the not so distant future, and your accomplice does not have any desire to have any children, you both need to take a seat and examine in the case of pushing ahead with your marriage designs the best thing for both of you. There is some unwritten society myth in America that looks at women over 30 as pariahs if they haven’t settled down and started a family by that time. It’s kind of ridiculous, and women end up listening to society more than their actual biological clocks. Don’t rush if you aren’t ready. Raising children can sometimes put a strain on a relationship, and if you and your lover aren’t ready, it’s best to hold off.

Would you like to share your funds together or have separate records?

Cash issues is one of the notable reasons why hitched couples get separated. With money being the answer to most problems, and the biggest problem causer, it’s no reason why most people get married and divorced over finances.  Consequently guarantee you are in agreement with regards to your funds. Imagine a scenario in which in the wake of experiencing these inquiries, you go ahead and get hitched, and your marriage closes in a separation. Life is capricious, along these lines utilize these inquiries as a guide when choosing to get hitched.

On the off chance that this individual was crippled would you need to spend whatever remains of my existence with him/her?

It says it it most wedding vows. Are you really ready to stick by this person in sickness and health? In poverty and wealth? Be honest with yourself. What if you had to devote all of your time to take care of a person in a wheelchair after just a few months of marriage? I ask this question because it happened to someone I know. Poor guy, his wife left him within weeks of a car accident that left him as a paraplegic. This inquiry isn’t one we as a whole anticipate replying. You could be strolling and bopping around with the two legs today, yet be without your legs tomorrow from a nasty fender bender that can happen in the blink of an eye. Would you be able to help, and be there always with your future life partner if something like this occurs?

It is safe to say that you are prepared to put this persons needs over your own?

In marriage, you both need to give a little and take a little, particularly amid the initial or newlywed phases of your marriage. Take it easy and get to know each other. Feel each other out and compromise and be honest about where you stand on certain points. You will experience a few changes that will require putting your companions needs over your needs. Is it true that you are prepared for that? It’s not easy to think about it because love can blind us, and hide things from us that are sitting in plain sight the entire time. Truly, you may need to quit thinking about purchasing tickets to your fantasy concert or vacation destination to get real and invest in real estate or other appreciating assets. You may find that your spouse has other financial obligations that take precedent over your own.

Are you are pleased with your lover?

Are you at the point when you have seen that your bride/ groom is operating at their highest level? Do you brag about your lover to your friends and family, or do you find yourself making excuses for their shortcomings, socially, romantically, or otherwise? You want to be with someone that makes you proud to call them your own. Not only does this motivate partners to work hard to maintain the positivity of the relationship, but for your own well being as well. Studies have shown that couples who are happy with their significant other, even if there are issues within the relationship, are less likely to let outside influences and opinions affect decisions that are made about the direction of the union.

Do you share comparative long haul, way of life, family, marriage, and life objectives?

Envision wedding somebody who likes to travel a half year out of the year, but you hate leaving the house let alone your city, state or country. What if you like to drink and party, but he likes to stay home and read on weekends? Hopefully you have already worked all of that out during your courtship. Does this person have what it takes to put priorities about your new life together in front of the traits and patterns of a single person, or when you were just dating? Imagine a scenario in which you hate watching sports and he/she bleeds Dodger blue? Do you even know what you need throughout everyday life, for a vocation, family, and so forth? By wedding somebody, you are consenting to enable them to have a satisfying life, and ought to be keen on things they like. You will unquestionably have a few contrasts yet let your disparities compliment one another.

Do you have what it takes to be a team player?

Being married is a ow way street. You will have to give the lifestyle you led before where it was all about you. You had to live as an independent adult for as long as you have, and now you will to make concessions to be an effective team player. Let’s say that you do not get along, over small issues, it’s best not to take the relationship to the next level. There are a lot of things that you won’t notice in the beginning that are going to come up later when the real person that you are with gets comfortable and stops inhibiting themselves. It’s about finding solutions that work to make life better for each other. If you are not prepared to focus on your spouses happiness before your own, marriage may not be the best route for you to take until you can truly answer that question in the affirmative. It takes two to tango.

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Should I Get Married?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Fortunately, most people have already answered this question before they have decided to hire me as a wedding photographer. None the less, it’s still a question that needs to be answered. I think, the answer depends on you. I have ran into too many women who felt pressured to get married because; their younger sibling is already married, with kids, or your 30, or your 40, or people who married for money, or married out of convenience, and last you have the person who got married because they were afraid of being alone for the rest of their life. I can tell you, as a single woman in her mid 30’s, who has been to tons of weddings, and also heard just as many stories about divorce, that there is never a reason to get married before you are ready.

How Do I Know If He (or She) Is The One?

I guess you really never really do know. That is what makes it exciting. To take on a journey with someone who once upon a time was a complete stranger, and is now an integral part of your life. I mean, so integral that it has gotten to the point where you can not imagine life without this person. Well, here is a quick list of responses I have gathered from brides and brides to be over the years. You will be pleased, shocked and amazed to learn that no matter the income level, religion, region, or orientation of the couple that is to get married, a lot of the answers as to reasons why they decided to get married are pretty consistent. Take a look.

It is protected to state that you are pulled in to your significant other?

If you infer that you are set up to marry someone, your decision should never be only established on their physical appearance. In any case, since we are creatures of vanity, and are naturally hunting out better characteristics down our children, it’s definitely not hard to get got up to speed with the downpour of astounding people we see standard, you ought to guarantee you are physically pulled in to your accessory. If not, it’s essentially an issue of time before you end up disdaining yourself, or your cherished one for the way in which they look, and winding up especially hopeless with your mate’s physical appearance, which could incite changed issues. While looks may obscure after some time, it’s fundamental to consider how authentically pulled in you are to the individual you will be with for the straggling leftovers of your life. Which drives us to the accompanying mind boggling request.

Are you sure that you are ready for monogamy for the rest of your life?

Concentrating on spending the straggling leftovers of your reality with someone is anything but a basic decision, and should not be disturbed. If everything works out as planned, this is the last individual you will be with until the day that you kick the can. That is deep. Moreover, you ought to guarantee you are set up for this dependable obligation. Through the range of your married life, you will both grow old, and may transform into a nusiance to each other. You and your partner will evolve and change from various perspectives consistently. The individual you are today is far from your personality in grade school, high school, or even college or early in your career. This returns all through life. You need the ability to spend the straggling leftovers of your live and turn out to be as one with this person. Being centered around each other will empower you to prosper as a married couple, and moreover help to manufacture your care which is basic to accomplishment in any piece of life.

What happens when you and your cherished one contrast or fight?

Does it for the most part should be your heading? Is it precise to state that you will deal? Fights, and conflicts are unpreventable, yet they don’t ought to approach. Contrasts will without a doubt happen in any situation, anyway especially after you get hitched. You should have the ability to exchange off, and agree on various issues. A little give and take goes far. Likewise, having the ability to fathom it doesn’t should be your heading always anyway the way that focal points the both of you will hugy influence the idea of your relationship and marriage.

Alright not cheat?

This request ties in with being set up to spend whatever is left of your reality with the individual you marry. You should be induced that you are not going to stray physically in the relationship, with the exception of if clearly you and your partner agree that is something you will research. There are a great deal of couples that I have met that are brightly hitched with open associations, or even poly-enthusiastic and it works fine for them as long as they are direct with each other. In case you can’t be ahead of time and direct with your assistant, not only are you not set up for a relationship, but instead you definitely should not be pondering getting hitched. Really, what isn’t right with you? You ought to just sign up for accounts on some lame dating applications out there.

Do you share comparative morals and characteristics?

Sharing the characteristics, and morals is a basic piece of best social associations. By having comparable characteristics you will have another way to deal with interface, create, and help each other and addition your bonds to develop better methodologies for changing in accordance with each other. Additionally, if you plan on having youths later on, when your kids get more settled, it makes it less requesting to demonstrate to them what your morals, characteristics and wants are without having much conflict.

Is it genuine that you are the person for them?

If you don’t the meet that benchmark or necessities that he/she has for a future mate, by then what are you despite considering. Stop now and really reexamine your decision again in amazing point of interest. Remember, nothing worth doing is straightforward, and marriage, as sweet as it might be, is the equivalent. This is the reason it’s basic to marry someone who has been looking for someone with your personality and character properties .You needn’t bother with someone trying to make you someone you aren’t or endeavor to need to take off them enhancement for you. Like my sister expressed, “don’t date potential.”

These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions when thinking about tying the knot, but this list is not all inclusive. In fact, I may continue this post with another installment of questions that make sense to mull over before popping the big question, or implying that you want him to ask.


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Welcome to my blog you can check me out and you were all over the Internet. Then you can find many foreign favorite photographs in the past six years. I’ve had the pleasure of documenting so many beautiful bride handsome groom’s amazing details.

It has been and continues to be an honor. I really need to move to Hawaii my hometown and I’m working on making my site the premier site in the Oahu area. The business has such a great success in Hawaii and I’m looking for the same kind of amazing clients and business here on this island. Please give me a call for you or whatever needs.

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My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend Megan got married to her boyfriend of 10 years Tom at Megan’s family church. It was a wonderful experience. Then after the wedding which was a beautiful ceremony, they had a fabulous and fun reception banquet facility located in the town hall. It was such a beautiful location, that you would never imagine that they were able to get this place for free. That’s right, free! They didn’t spend a single dime on renting this banquet hall after the wedding ceremony because Tom’s father was good friends with the building owner. It’s good to have friends in high places!

Megan found me a few years back when I was promoting different local businesses in Southern California. She was the marketing director of a large moving company and she did some research and found my consultation services and wondered if I would be a good fit for them in their sales team. They ended up not hiring me but I still made a great connection with her and during the time we spent having our discussions about business and life, she learned that I was a size part time wedding photographer, and I learned that her beau had recently popped the question.

It was too early for her to start looking at wedding photographers, but she kept me in mind in the months later. One day as I was having one of the worst days in my month, ( I reset every new Moon) she hired me to take photos at her wedding! She even paid for my flight on Jetblue from Hawaii to Colorado. I spent a really nice day with the wedding couple, their families and their close friends that they have a really universal and amazing bond with. I rarely work with nicer people and for that reason alone, it was my pleasure and honor to odcument their wedding day.

I wasn’t the only photographer there and I was not the only person in attendance who ran their own company. I ran into John Jones of JJ DJ who provided amazing music throughout the night and also MC throughout the evening. The food was provided by a fablous catering company whose name I forgot, but their salmon croquetttes were amazing. In interest of keeping the event fun for all ages, in the theme of family and unity, they hired a local bounce house company. Imagine this, there were two bounce houses for kids, and one large one for adults. What a sight to see with a bunch of grown men in designer suits and jumping around and roughhousing. The combination of an open bar, good music, good food, and plenty of fun activities made for an amazing event.

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